Sunday, October 18, 2009

What is this Metal Clay stuff anyway?

Metal Clay is a pure silver metal powder combined with non toxic organic binder and water. It feels like clay, looks like clay but when fired, the binder burns away, leaving pure, 99.9% fine silver.

Metal Clay comes in lump form, as a paste (in a syringe), a slip (in a pot) and as "paper". Each type lends itself to different uses and effects, and all can be combined in the one project.

Raw Metal Clay can be rolled, sculpted and shaped easily with fingers and other simple tools.

When it is dry it can be sanded, filed, engraved, drilled and pre-polished.

Once it has been fired it can be treated like any other pure silver. File it, shape it, burnish it and give it a patina. Perhaps you wish to set a stone in it or maybe enamel or glass, go ahead, do it, the possibilities are endless. And this is why I love the stuff.

Metal Clay also comes in gold, bronze and copper variants, each with their own unique finishes and methods of firing.

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