Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silversmithing 101

Ok. These two pieces were made in my silversmithing workshop (an entire exhausting weekend!).

First came the ring. Technically not first, first. First we spent a good 3 hours learning to cut straight lines, zigzag lines and wavy lines in a piece of brass with a jewellers saw. I lost count of the number of blades I broke...

Then came the ring, we spent the evening measuring, shaping and filing. So first real project but not first thing to learn in the class :-)

On day two came the pendant, after more broken saw blades and a few cut fingers...oops! Once the bleeding stopped it was pretty smooth sailing!

Our teachers were fantastic with a combined 90 years experience as jewellers. WOW! Thanks Elmer and Sue! Especially Sue for all the lovely cups of tea and crunchy yummy biscuits.

Thanks for reading.

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