Monday, August 23, 2010

New Creations * Graphic Pieces *

Look what just came out of my workshop. 

I feel so productive and creative right now. Maybe it's because the weather is warming up and the workshop in the garage seems slightly more inviting than it has these past few months.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making things work...

While planning and making "the piece with no name"  there was the challenge of how to fire it without the circle on the bottom of the pendant sagging while it was being fired.

I decided to use a product called creative paper clay to make little supports to put under the piece (that's the white stuff).

Having not used creative paper clay before I wasn't sure if it would work or not. When I took the piece out of the kiln I was very pleased to see that the paper clay didn't burn off (as I thought it would at 650degrees celcius), and the paper clay left behind was a lovely ashey grey. So that was a very successfuly experiment and I'll be using it again.


New Creations * The piece with no name *

The graphic cut outs in Pierre Cardin's fashions from the 80's have inspired me to
continue with the more graphic designs I was doing 12 months ago.
So coming soon... more graphic creations along the lines of .... this......

I am looking for a somewhat whitty and inspired name for this first piece in my new "collection"...
Hopefully it will come to me in my sleep. Suggestions are welcome...
This piece has two different finishes... the upper part is a brushed finish and the lower has a high polish shine... so not visible in the photo.. note to self: do photo shoot next weekend.


Things to be Inspired by.... Pierre Cardin

Back in the 80's Pierre Cardin was King and I was in ell oh vee eee LOVE!

I was flicking through a recent issue of marie claire magazine and low and behold they were paying homage to the man himself.

The graphic cut out in these frocks caught my eye and are inspiration for my latest "collection"... coming soon.