Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Creations * More Hearts and Love

More hearts and lovey inspired dangley bits for hanging around your neck.

Waiting patiently for baking on the morrow. Can't wait to get home

from work so I can cook these babies up :) xx K

New Creations * Hearts with Love

These are some of the new things I've been working on. They are quietly
drying away in a cozy spot on the workbench away from kitty paws.

I can't wait to get them fired and polished.

This pic was sent from my phone direct so the orientation isn't right...sorry 'bout that...

Will post more pics when they are baked :) xx K

Babushka ya, babushka ya, babushka eye eye

My very talented friend, Kirsten over at Vintage Cherubs has created the most amazing Babushka dolly/pillows. I want them all!

I'm sure I'd find a way to fit them into the decor of my bedroom.

Love your work Kirsten.

And here's a pretty picture for you :)

I've not quite worked out this linking thing but the click on the link below and it will take you straight to Kirsten's blog.

Cheerio from the cat house!

Friday, January 8, 2010

* New Creations * Latest stuff

Hello, hello... well look who's been a busy girl then... finished these ones off today, then did the ishoot of all the new bits to be listed. Today the shoot was using natural light as opposed to the usual night time shoot with the desk lamp and overhead fluro... I must do daytime more often, much easier to get a decent natural looking shot.

Anyhoos best be getting to and listing in the stores... xxK

Update: Sat. 16th Jan 2010 - The Branching Out necklace has been ~sold~ Yay!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Creations * Earrings *

These are some earrings I just finished. They being listed on etsy and made it tomorrow along with a couple of new necklaces which are being fired and finished off in the morning.
xx K

Gift Wrapping for the Nephews....

Today I wrapped the birthday gifts for the nephews (Harrison 5, Oscar 3 and Hamish 1). I'm very pleased with the way the tags I made turned out...very nice and very boyish :)

Their mum and dad are having a combined Christening for Hamish and birthday party for all the boys this Sunday. It will be nice to see them all and celebrate their coming of age(s).  They will also be receiving their Christmas gifts as I didn't get to see them over Christmas. It will be a big day for the wee boys! :)

New Year Celebrations at Southbank

Here are few pictures of the fireworks at Southbank for New Year twenty ten celebrations....
Two of the shots show the moon in the top left.... very noice :)