Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Small Step for Man.... A Giant Leap for JBK

On Thursday I ordered my jewellery kiln. Early Christmas pressie for meeeeee!!!!!! I'm so excited!

Don't get me wrong, I do love my trusty butane torch but it does have its limitations. Like not being able to fire a flat piece larger than a ten cent piece or hollow forms and other fun stuff. Good for the basics but not for the kind of jewellery I really want to make.

Can't wait to get it and fire the pieces I have been working on. This past week I've created a few simple pendants (including my first commissioned piece! Yay!) and a ring. Once they're fired I'll post some pics.

I've been madly sketching away coming up with ideas for all kinds of stuff. Although that doesn't mean I will make every design I come up with... give it time... and with inspiration coming at a rapid rate it could be dangerous to my hip pocket if I don't start selling very soon. Now the kiln is on it's way I can go a little nuts and get a bunch of pieces made to sell at a market stall.



  1. Kris, I'm jealous! Now I want a power tool or kitchen appliance named PROMETHEUS!

  2. Prometheus is my new best friend! His name sounds Greek but he's from America via Canberra :-)